Welcome to Sports & Injury Massage of Tooele, offering three full time Licensed Massage Therapists to help you find relaxation and healing that fits into your busy schedule. 

What's in a name? At Sports and Injury Massage of Tooele, it's everything. You will know exactly what to expect from your time spent here, We are here wanting to help our clients work through injuries that are sometimes overlooked, or mistaken as everyday wear and tear of the working class. It is our ongoing mission to spread the word that any injury; be it from overuse in the workforce, sitting too long in an office chair, or even holding a child on your hip, may be causing you pain.  We are here to expand your understanding of what injury is and explore therapies and techniques to help ease the pain and discomfort you may not even realize you have.

272 N. Broadway, Tooele Utah, 84074

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